Track Masters classes

All Track Masters classes are divided according to the POWER (KM) to WEIGHT ratio of their car together with the driver.

A multiplier of 1.1 is applied to the coefficient in the case of a start (one session is enough) on tires:

  • in STREET classes, start on semi-slick tires (tire list Appendix 7)
  • in PRO classes start on slick tyres

In the season of 2023, the Organiser has designated the following basic classes:


  • Cars starting on tires WITHOUT E road approval (e.g. full slick),
  • and/or cars equipped with a roll cage,
  • and/or cars with reduced weight, including cars with laminate sheathing,
  • and/or cars equipped with advanced AERO.
  • Class also for bolides and prototypes.
  • Heating blankets allowed.

    P7. up to 0.178
    P6. 0.179 – 0.222
    P5. 0.223 – 0.255
    P4. 0.256 – 0.310
    P3. 0.311 – 0.450
    P2. Ultra/hypercars + ratio over 0.450
    P1. EXTREME, cars up to 700 kg + bolides and prototypes, cars up to 1000 kg with a ratio above 0.500


  • Approved tires only with E road approval (the mark must be on the tyre!!!).
  • Complete interior – two seats, side panels, carpeting, soundproofing, headlining, etc. Removing the rear seat is allowed.
  • Cars with original body. Weight loss of the car is prohibited.
  • No cage. A rollbar is allowed.
  • No extensive AERO.
  • Bucket seat replacement of original seat allowed, harness belts allowed.
  • Possibility of emptying the trunk, including removing the spare wheel.
  • Cars registered with a valid technical inspection.
  • The minimum weight of the car as in the series +/- 30kg.
  • The use of heating blankets is prohibited.

    S7. up to 0,165
    S6. 0,166 – 0,195
    S5. 0,196 – 0,230
    S4. 0,231 – 0,265
    S3. 0,266 – 0,310
    S2. 0,311 – 0,360
    S1. above 0,360


In the 2023 Track Masters season, the organizer has appointed special classes in which competitors will be additionally classified:

  • Porsche Masters
  • BMW Masters
  • FWD Masters
  • AWD Masters


For each round, the organizer will prepare the GENERAL classification included in the decoration of the competition and the season.